Thursday, 3 April 2014

We have just finished a short break from NWN2 - a must for builders sometimes, to prevent the dreaded burn-out disease...

Where is Umbral Abyss at? So far we have completed Chapter 1 of the campaign which comprises three chapters or acts. Chapter 2 is well underway with a large number of its areas completed. Work is commencing on the actual content within these areas. The August release will certainly be the earliest - I have a feeling it will be later. Late or no, we will stick to our approach of releasing when we feel it is of a worthy standard. Rest assured, that will be this year! We have the story planned out, dialogue has been drafted, we know what we want to do with this campaign - it's just getting the implementation done.

More commentary will follow on the various stages of putting Chapter 2 together, as this shall have an open world feel to it, with a lot of freedom handed to the player to determine their path through the story. In the meantime, here are some shots from the end of Chapter 1 (as seen on the Facebook group page) and a few extras for the blog readers.

Seeking a ship

On the run

On the run II

The Easterlings block your escape

First look at one of the Chapter 2 areas

Chapter 2 - Exploring

Chapter 2 - More exploring

Chapter 2 - Exploring again