Saturday, 6 September 2014

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And here we go, the first part of a series of coverage on Girion's Gate. A key location in the latter stages of the Chapter 2 Dale Story.

Included is a video and a series of shots.

The Easterlings have resurfaced, with their skirmishing forces probing the Iron Hills for a weak point - Girion's Gate. The party begins by attempting to locate and evacuate members of it's mining community whilst also handling the skirmishers and a guild of assassins harbouring a deep grudge from the earlier chapter. (Play the Chapter 1 Demo to learn more!)

Girion's Gate is a defensive wall to the east of Dale. It has not been manned or maintained since Smaug destroyed Dale, over 75 years ago.

The area is now used by miners, drawn to the iron rich, aptly named Iron Hills.

Mine entrance

Encounter with Easterling Skirmishers

Warning the locals that they need to run for it.

View of Girion's gate.

Another miners home.

Miner's home interior.

Leading the people to safety

Seeking more people inside a mine.

And here is a short selection of testing footage.

The Girion's Gate section of Chapter 2 is almost complete. Just a few loose ends to tie up now. The battle has reached it's climax - I will refrain from showing too much so I don't overly spoil things.
We have already seen the party's efforts to evacuate people in the area, but now the Easterlings are on the offensive - with siege towers and a few monsters aiding them! Expect some pulse pounding combat and a need to balance the use of those special abilities and powers to see you through to the end alive.

In one of the shots, you will see how the number of Easterlings spawning from these towers can be reduced by attacking the towers with fire. Hit it enough times and an arrow is bound to hit home!

The party finds a suitable place to rest.

You may have faced a Gaurhoth previously. Can you handle a whole pack?

Burn them alive in those towers...

Light, damn you.