Sunday, 6 July 2014

A quick progress report...

(Last two updates, as seen on MERP UK Facebook group page)

A feast of pics, all taken on the new system able to run NWN2 on maximum. On show in this bumper pack:

The party meets some familiar Dwarf faces and some new ones. Any former PW players recognise the names? NWN2 seems to hate dwarves - serious lack of variety but I've managed to make do.
The party makes it's first visit to Dale - more glorious shots. In addition, three shots of the Kings Court interior. Coming soon we have King Brand and many, many, many awesome Dale interiors by Sophy Urchin. Yes, you can do a lot of exploring in Dale. With Dale being such an important location in this campaign and in its final part, we want the player to become very familiar with it. Expect a lot of extra adventures to be had from this location in addition to the main storyline. Whilst we will have plenty of activities which are easy to pick up, there will also be a healthy number which require more inquisitive minds to obtain

Here comes the second pile of testing shots which completes my workload for the last week and a half i've had to pour into the project. Back to my usual time allowances now, sob. It has been a successful few days though; The partys arrival in Dale is finished, as is the first encounter with King Brand and the setup for the first main quest in Dale - "The Cold Counsellor"... a bit of a murder mystery to solve. Dale has also been populated with NPCs and a number of merchant stores have been placed down. The NPCs have day and night routines setup, doing activities during the day and returning to their homes at night (merchants included). So the detail of civilised areas has come on some way since IP.
Enjoy the shots which include a little bit of everything i've just mentioned, plus some of Sophy Urchin's beautiful Dale interiors.