Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Happy Holidays!

That's a few people who have completed Umbral Abyss now. The longest play length was around 72 hours! I nearly fell off my chair!

Some comments we have received:

"I wanted to tell you that I finished 'The Umbral Abyss' .
What a GREAT Campaign !!!!"

"I really had a blast playing through it. And the history feats you can get and the game 'remembering' them is great; it gives you the feeling to be really 'in' the game, not only playing it ."

"The scene where [SPOILER] decided to stay behind was really epic and sad at the same time (and all those cut scenes, the music, the surroundings, the love for the details) And then the ending cliffhanger (damn you!)"

Nobody has told me what the next campaign is called yet. So no news on the finale yet! Play to the end and you will find out! As stated some time ago, there will be no news until someone enlightens us!

The Untold Commentaries series will continue shortly and in the new year, we will be putting together an update package, containing some changes and additions which would not be possible via patches. These updates should also crush some of the more repetitive problems being reported.

The holiday season is the perfect time to get some sessions into games. So why not give the series a try?

Campaign series part one: The Indanthrine Prince

Campaign series part two: The Umbral Abyss

I'll take this opportunity to bid everyone a happy new year. 2016 is going to be an epic ride for the series, in every sense!

Friday, 18 December 2015

The Untold Commentaries - Episode 7

A series of videos which take a closer look at Untold Tales of Tolkien: The Umbral Abyss - A community created campaign for Neverwinter Nights 2. The Untold Tales series of modules and campaigns are story driven, action adventure roleplaying games, set in our adaptation of Tolkien's Middle Earth.

In this episode, we take a closer look at the Yahmul Balotz Warrens.

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Thursday, 17 December 2015

The Untold Commentaries: Episode 6

Episode 6 of the Untold Commentaries is out.

A series of videos which take a closer look at Untold Tales of Tolkien: The Umbral Abyss - A community created campaign for Neverwinter Nights 2. The Untold Tales series of modules and campaigns are story driven, action adventure roleplaying games, set in our adaptation of Tolkien's Middle Earth.

In this episode, we take a closer look at some activity which can be of great use to you later on in the story. We also recover our equipment from the enemy.
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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Patch 1.6 Released

 Patch 1.6

Fixed an issue preventing the "Faenwen" quest from being completed if the player had already visited the Wood Elves without Faenwen in the party. Players who had this issue BEFORE this patch will need to speak to Galdor to make the correct conversation launch. Players who have not experienced this problem will be able to trigger the scene automatically, as intended.

NWN2 Nexus
NW Vault

Monday, 14 December 2015

The Untold Commentaries - Episode 5

The latest episode is now available to watch. The Untold Commentaries take a closer look at selected parts of the Umbral Abyss Campaign.

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Thursday, 10 December 2015

The Untold Commentaries

It is fast approaching 3 weeks since the release of The Umbral Abyss and all seems to be going well. What problems and glitches that have come our way have been handled and feedback thus far has been positive and encouraging. I am paying very close attention to what players have to say and show me. I'm always on the lookout for opportunities to improve my work and to hone the campaign in future updates. No news of anyone completing the campaign thus far. Well, it is rather big...

My Untold Commentaries series is now 4 episodes in and I have quite enjoyed making it. So I will continue and at some point, take a look in the toolset too, for budding builders out there.

For videos in general, there are quite a growing selection of options at present:

Ah Travesty's Let's Plays - The Umbral Abyss

And below, the latest edition of the Untold Commentaries.

Enjoy and thanks for playing The Umbral Abyss!

Sunday, 6 December 2015

New Video series!

I have started to put together a series of video footage looking behind the scenes of selected parts of The Umbral Abyss campaign. This is not a Let's Play, but if you want to know more about some of the decision making or gain additional insight into the campaign, it may be worth a watch.

I also open the floor to any questions which I may be able to answer within the videos. If the first few are not a complete disaster, I will continue making more.

Check out the first installment here

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Patches 1.3 and 1.4 and a new Let's Play!

So we have reached 4 patches now, as a few other issues raise their ugly heads. Thankfully, all quickly resolved and not requiring players to restart their game.

Patch 1.3
* Fixed an issue causing the defenders of Talath Harroch to attack each other and the players party.
* Fixed an issue with a cut scene, added some fail safes to ensure launch,
* Updated the "Faenwen" campaign journal entry with a gentle suggestion!

Patch 1.4
* TLK file updated to resolve some history feats with missing names and descriptions

Ok, so patch 1.4 was a little embarrassing. It appears that the launch copy of the tlk was an old in-progress copy. Never mind, players will now have the names and descriptions of their hard-earned history feats showing. 

In more exciting news, Umbral Abyss is now the subject of a new Let's Play series by AhTravesty. He previously ran a Let's Play of Indanthrine Prince in addition to a Let's Play of the demo version of Umbral Abyss Chapter 1. This new Let's Play picks up where he left off. The first 5 videos have been very entertaining and insightful as always, helping us to track down problems and note where we have done well and maybe not so well. AhTravesty has a wide selection of NWN2 Let's plays and I cannot recommend them more highly to builders and players alike.


Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Patch 1.2 released

Patch 1.2 is now available. This patch contains a remedy for an issue with the potential to prevent advancing the game.

NWN2 Nexus
NW Vault

Sunday, 29 November 2015

One week later...

It's been an exciting week hearing about how folks have been getting on with Umbral Abyss. Clearly it is going to be providing people with a lot of fun and challenges for a good while. That's good, because in this time we will be putting together patches as and when they are needed and also looking at some updates in the new year to add some small optional additional adventures and to address a few opportunities to improve aspects of the game. Another round of polish wouldn't hurt either, especially in the latter stages of the campaign.

We have been staggered by the response so far and the amount of interest received. Comparing to the the first week of Indanthrine Prince's release, Umbral Abyss has seen triple the amount of downloads, if we were to consider a download of each required file to play as one player. As originally stated some time ago, we would of been happy just to entertain a couple dozen people. We are eternally grateful for the support from everyone who spends their time enjoying our work.

We have had some questions about the trilogy and the final campaign we have yet to release; we will be finishing this trilogy, that is absoloutely certain. We do not intend to spend as long making it as we did Umbral Abyss. UA grew into something bigger than we originally intended, as we tried to entertain the idea of an open world section without fully appreciating just how much work we were giving ourselves. The final campaign of the trilogy is planned out and top of the priorities list is a realistic expectation of what we can put together in 12-18 months. Chapter 1 of this final campaign is planned out to the detail and we feel confident that this could be finished by spring. Indeed, we are currently building the environments for this chapter and are nearing the half-way mark. I will share more on this next project another time; an amusing target I set for any further news on this, would be when somebody can tell me what the name of the next campaign is... You will have to complete Umbral Abyss to find out!

I'm pleased to see that AhTravesty has decided to run another Let's Play, this time of Umbral Abyss. He ran a short LP series on the demo version of chapter 1 last year. This new series picks up where he left off. You can watch the LP series and any of his wide selection of NWN2 LPs here.

Umbral Abyss is available from NWN2 Nexus and NW Vault. I hope you will give the campaign a try.

Friday, 20 November 2015

Umbral Abyss Released!

We have reached the finish line for the second installment in the series and it's been one hell of a journey.

You can get the campaign from NWN2 Nexus to begin with. A NWVault page is being setup as I type this.

Download Umbral Abyss here!

Saturday, 14 November 2015

A good ending

Epilogue written, testing successful. As seen in Indanthrine Prince, we provide the player with a summary of the aftermath of their actions. IP had about 8 variable ending summaries. Umbral Abyss has over 20! Lots of replay value here, I hope! Many of these outcomes have direct continuity into the final campaign in the trilogy.

Umbral Abyss is days away from release now.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

A week away from release?

At present, that's how things are looking, give or take.

As per our previous releases, we have put together a "quickguide" document to help introduce people to the campaign and some of the settings it uses prior to playing the game proper. With the aid of the quickguide, it is possible to obtain some of the required hak files in advance to save time later on.

We are very excited (and nervous) to finally release Umbral Abyss after what has been 2 years of very challenging but fun work. We hope that our efforts were worth it. For sure, we expect to be supporting the campaign with patches and updates as needed.

Prior to the full release, you can download the Quickguide here.

Finally, if nobody has seen it yet, here is another look at the trailer/slideshow I badly slapped together for The Umbral Abyss.

Monday, 28 September 2015

First FULL playtest of Umbral Abyss completed; And the results look good.

The first full playtest of Umbral Abyss has been completed! Testing has never been so much fun! The number of potential game-breaking problems was few and easily rectified. As for other minor issues and things to be addressed, we have lot of those noted down which is even more exciting, in that we can really polish up some parts of the game over October, leading us comfortably for the planned November release.

In terms of numbers, our first full playtest highlighted 308 issues, the vast majority being of minor/cosmetic/balancing nature. We have a small list of content to add, all generally very small pieces of work but important for the polish and atmosphere factor. The playthrough revealed that Umbral Abyss will easily provide in excess of 50 hours of gameplay. We hope that this proves to be 50+ hours of fun

Sunday, 20 September 2015

The story continues... In November...

I now feel confident enough to announce the release for Umbral Abyss as November. A more precise date will follow once I have certainty of this.

In terms of what's left to do; the campaign will be completely playable within a few days. There will then follow a period of adding a few small pieces of missing content to various parts of the campaign, some intensive testing and fixing, rinse and repeat, until we are satisfied with the campaign.

I hope followers of the project are as excited as we are. In the meantime, here is the title image that Sophie has kindly put together!

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Umbral Abyss nears completion!

Yes, you read that right; The Umbral Abyss, the second campaign in the planned trilogy, is getting very close to a release. Things have been a lot quieter over the last couple of months for good reason - we have not been idle, with a lot of hard work rolling off the line. I will still refrain from giving a precise date, as two previous attempts proved to be wildly innacurate; I chalk that down to my underestimation of just how involved making an "open world" style segment of the game would be. The third chapter of Umbral Abyss returns to our usual story driven adventure style, and so gives me the complete confidence to say that Umbral Abyss will be finished before the end of the year - the only thing stopping us is an unforseen disaster!

Moving on to the campaign itself - it's looking good. Previously completed elements are looking a lot tidier with lots of smaller details added which will offer something new to those who play-tested the campaign earlier in the year. Chapter 3 is intended to be one large adventure and it feels just that. There are some big, detailed environments with lots of exploration space, some challenging encounters with foes familiar and new, and some truly unique treasures. We also cross paths with unfinished business from The Indanthrine Prince, the first campaign in the series. Things will escalate, some matters may be settled, others may have to wait; we have another campaign to make, afterall! But rest assured, we have a plan in place already - we know how we want this story to wrap up.

Looking forward to the release, I will be providing a copy of the players Quickguide in advance of the release, just like we did last time, so that you can get to grips with any of the changes we have made in advance. There may be a play-test arranged, though this depends on how much support I feel that we need. I'm not keen on exposing testers to late-game spoilers, but if folks really want to help test the campaign, I'll see what we can do.

I intend to make more regular posts as we near completion! Here is a collection of screenshots of some of the Chapter 3 test sessions...

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Shiny things!

A quick update, so folks know that the pulse is still beating.

Chapter 3 is well on it's way to completion and a recent playtest of the entirety of the campaign has been very successful. All issues reported in the big beta test have been resolved and many of the suggestions have been put in.

Umbral Abyss is coming very soon!