Sunday, 16 August 2015

Umbral Abyss nears completion!

Yes, you read that right; The Umbral Abyss, the second campaign in the planned trilogy, is getting very close to a release. Things have been a lot quieter over the last couple of months for good reason - we have not been idle, with a lot of hard work rolling off the line. I will still refrain from giving a precise date, as two previous attempts proved to be wildly innacurate; I chalk that down to my underestimation of just how involved making an "open world" style segment of the game would be. The third chapter of Umbral Abyss returns to our usual story driven adventure style, and so gives me the complete confidence to say that Umbral Abyss will be finished before the end of the year - the only thing stopping us is an unforseen disaster!

Moving on to the campaign itself - it's looking good. Previously completed elements are looking a lot tidier with lots of smaller details added which will offer something new to those who play-tested the campaign earlier in the year. Chapter 3 is intended to be one large adventure and it feels just that. There are some big, detailed environments with lots of exploration space, some challenging encounters with foes familiar and new, and some truly unique treasures. We also cross paths with unfinished business from The Indanthrine Prince, the first campaign in the series. Things will escalate, some matters may be settled, others may have to wait; we have another campaign to make, afterall! But rest assured, we have a plan in place already - we know how we want this story to wrap up.

Looking forward to the release, I will be providing a copy of the players Quickguide in advance of the release, just like we did last time, so that you can get to grips with any of the changes we have made in advance. There may be a play-test arranged, though this depends on how much support I feel that we need. I'm not keen on exposing testers to late-game spoilers, but if folks really want to help test the campaign, I'll see what we can do.

I intend to make more regular posts as we near completion! Here is a collection of screenshots of some of the Chapter 3 test sessions...