Saturday, 28 February 2015

Ready those characters!

The Umbral Abyss is coming. Want to enjoy the game with a character with the backstory formed in Indanthrine Prince? Download the module and enjoy the 30 hours of formative events for your character.…

Note on Haks - Since the closure of the original NWVault, some folks have been having trouble gathering the correct versions of the RWS hak. On the file list on NWN2 Nexus, there is a copy of the correct RWS version. Feel free to download this to eliminate potential tile/placeable rendering issues.
Like the game? Share it and spread the word. The Umbral Abyss is descending upon us soon!

The Umbral Abyss - Chapters 1-2 Beta Test

What follows will be a recent pair of posts made on the Facebook group page (MERP UK). Seeking to make the best use of my time with a fair bit of work on the campaign still to do, I am enlisting the support of players to help play test the campaign in it's current state. Whilst people play through the first 2 chapters of the campaign, I intend to get the final chapter of the campaign finished and then return to address all the feedback the play test has generated. So, we have a game plan. Now to my original posts:

24th February:
Umbral Abyss Chapters 1-2 beta version? Available within 4 weeks? Absoloutely.
Whilst it will be on the Nexus and Vault for download, I am particularly looking for playtesters here. If you are seeking a complete game, this is not an ideal download for you. I am looking for some good feedback I can use to make sure everything works through the various means you can play through and for any areas of improvement, which I'm sure will be needed.

And today:
Beta Update:
A LOT of side content and little touches have been finished off in order to provide as complete a picture as possible of the experience on offer. For "completionist" players, there is hours upon hours of entertainment to be had here.

Remaining tasks for the beta are now just a few more loose ends to tie up, some polish to elements of the main story, a few small tweaks to crafting and then the addition of a few scenes which bring the player into chapter 3. We are on schedule for the "4 week plan", so hang in there!

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Wrapping up Chapter 2...

And another quest more or less finished off. That ties up chapter 2 activites - for now. Next I will look to getting some issues addressed so we can put out a beta version for anyone willing to help us give the game (chapters 1-2) a more thorough testing.

Here are some shots of the latest quest in action. Players of IP and those familiar with some of it's events may recognise the place and the faces! Having a pack of dogs on your side is always fun!