Sunday, 3 July 2016

Dead End progress!

Progress has been steady amidst a big time of upheaval in my silly country, but should pick up some more over the next few months as we look towards getting a demo out for the first part of the campaign. 

Also on the table are some update packages for the first 2 campaigns, Indanthrine Prince and Umbral Abyss. The idea being, by the release of Dead End, we have the entire trilogy up to date and acting as one consistent piece of work.

I just wanted folks to know that the work continues and we are looking forward to sharing the conclusion of our campaign with you. We are still floating ideas around with what we would like to do post-campaign. At present, with the lack of other enticing modding opportunities elsewhere, we are leaning towards further campaigns, albeit standalone ones (no more trilogies!) in new locales with all new characters and stories. On which note, we have a new story roughly sketched out which we may pick up once the trilogy is finished.

Here are some images I have gathered of the in-progress Dead End campaign.